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Supply Chain

This Advanced Training is an intensive, 2-day in-person workshop with 'Mr Supply Chain' - Vivek Sood, and is only for high-performing executives who want to rapidly improve their career progression in and beyond supply chain leadership. The event is not open to the general public or other educators. Applications will be reviewed on a first come first served basis.


“We stand at a point in history when many supply chain professionals are on the verge of becoming CEOs of large corporations. It is an idea whose time has come. This event is a curated a group of like-minded people who will push you and hold you accountable for making the most of our 2-days.” - Vivek



Here’s what to expect:

  • Click the apply now button
  • Complete brief application
  • We will review your application and
  •  setup a time to tell you the agenda and
  • hear specific areas you would like help with.

THIS IS ADVANCED TRAINING: When you're working and training with Vivek, you are working with one of the best supply chain experts in the world. He works with the Presidents, CEOs and Direc​tors of some of most innovative and largest corporations in the world on strategic projects which set the direction for decades. This is your opportunity to use the same practical insights and methods to get the best results for your influence and career.

For 2 days every two months, you will get coached in salubrious surroundings, where all the main sessions are led by Vivek, with support by senior staff. This is about getting in-person attention to work on your supply chain and business career. You will produce new insights during each of the sessions and be pushed to reach new levels by professionals. Apply now for a ticket. Admission is not automatic and each application is reviewed for merit.

2 days in excellent 5-star location with Vivek in an environment of total immersion! With this Advanced Training you will recreate and optimize your effectiveness, your career - and yourself.

  • Find out the closest relevant dates for the program. Clear these dates on your calendar. To secure your place, apply early. 
  • Admission is not automatic and each application is reviewed for merit. Apply for more than one date / location to maximise your chances. 
  • RESULTS: You will learn and practice advanced methods in our training ; build up skills with a group of like-minded professionals and build a support group.
  • INVESTMENT: General attendance is $4950 per person. There are 2 available VIP seats.

Vivek and the other experts on hand will make your pitch better than you could on your own. Much better.

Every salesperson and executive needs this training because customers are getting smarter, faster and tougher. Today, there is an incredible backlash against salespeople who are just sharing massive amounts of information, because information doesn't sell. Today, you need an intriguing and compelling pitch that gets attention and converts to revenue (or investment.)


LEARN THE METHODS THAT WORK TODAY AND LEARN THEM FAST With two  days the Advanced Training you’ll see first how all types of buyers are doing business today, and how to refocus and realign your pitch to compete. Vivek's goal is to help you compete against any company, stand up to the toughest suppliers and customers, and break through to the most notoriously difficult-to-deal with executives.

This event prepares you to go anywhere, and stand in front of any board no matter how skeptical or difficult, and take control of the supply chain in a convincing and definitive way.

Vivek will cover dozens of skills and methods that are critical to level up and compete in today’s board rooms:
  • The 5 business “stories” that buyers need to hear               today
  • Learn when to push hard and when to back off
  • Almost no theory, all examples and workshop
  • How to explain “downside protection”
  • What an investor is expecting to see
  • How to pitch without slides
  • How to know a pitch is working or not
  • What enterprise buyers are expecting to see
  • The Crazy/Rich investor matrix
  • Using the time constraint correctly
  • TO GET YOUR HANDS on the exact 2-day agenda, and be admitted to the event, please take two minutes to fill out the event application and we will contact you to make sure the event is a snug fit for your immediate business goals.

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